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Reviewing the Laws

Ethics & Accountability

In the rapidly expanding industry surrounding psychedelics, ethics and accountability are paramount to its success. As we bridge ancient practices with modern healing, we must tread with respect and clarity. When dealing with mind altering substances that change consciousness, a high level of care and consideration needs to be made for safety concerns. Intense emotions, repressed trauma and feelings can be overwhelming without the proper support or knowledge. Through ethical guidance, we uphold the rich legacy of these substances while ushering in a new era of mindful, effective therapeutic interventions.

Ethics & Accountability

Epic Psychedelic

Empowering individuals, organizations, and communities within the psychedelics and plant medicine space to navigate ethical practices and challenges.

American Psychedelic Practitioners Association

American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) is both the accreditation body for the psychedelic field and the national association for practitioners. Our mission is to safely integrate psychedelics into the US healthcare system.

Decommodify Psychedelics

Decommodify Psychedelics is dedicated to connecting with one's higher self and honoring the healers who've guided our journey. Advocating for a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth and stand against the commercialization of psychedelic healing. Join the movement.

Shine Collective

SHINE Collective is a not-for-profit organization that offers survivor-led peer support groups, public education programming, and ethics consultations for communities engaged in altered states of consciousness practices.


Dedicated to setting industry standards for the manufacturing of psilocybin based products to ensure safety and efficiency. PsiloSafe offers a certification process available to cultivators and product manufacturers who stand behind their products and place a high priority on safety and quality control.  The evaluation consists of a review of internal operations to ensure that standards are being met. Additionally, PsiloSafe offers a product verification option for certified brands whereby consumers can scan their product and verify it against our database to ensure that is is valid and not a bootleg, knock-off or fake.

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