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Minority Led Psychedelic Communites

The conversation around psychedelics becoming more accepted in our society must prioritize the integration of minority-led communities. It is essential to recognize that the origins of psychedelic use can be traced back to marginalized communities for thousands of years. By embracing the perspectives and experiences of these communities, we honor their historical and cultural contributions while ensuring a more equitable and inclusive approach to psychedelic research, therapy, and integration. Their voices offer unique insights and wisdom that can enrich our understanding of these substances and their potential for healing and transformation. Through fostering diversity and inclusivity in this conversation, we can work towards creating a more just and compassionate psychedelic landscape that benefits all individuals and communities.

Queer &
BIPOC Psychedelic Communities

Psychedelic Liberation Collective

Provides community care spaces, education, and anti-racism resources to the psychedelic community.


Providing reciprocity in the psychedelic community, safeguarding sacred plants and traditions. Fostering psychedelic justice by amplifying the voices of women, queer individuals, Indigenous groups, people of color, and the Global South in psychedelic science.


BIPOC, LGBTQ, and neurodiverse individuals face higher mental illness rates but lower care access, compounded by discrimination and lack of culturally-sensitive care. This disparity is pronounced in the psychedelic renaissance, criticized for cultural appropriation and lacking diversity. Psychedelic treatments like ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin show promise but require an equitable approach. Healing America's mental health crisis demands addressing trauma on individual, family, community, and societal levels. For psychedelic therapies to be truly transformative, equity must be integral from the start, ensuring affordability, accessibility, and inclusivity for all.

Psychedelic Access Directory

Finding a Queer or BIPOC Psychedelic Provider is easy by searching their trusted network of top-rated Psychotherapists, Physicians, Nurses and Community Healers.

Dr. Joe Tafur, MD
Dr. Joe Tafur, MD is an integrative Family Physician, curandero, author and speaker. His acclaimed book, The Fellowship of the River, explores the role of spiritual healing in modern healthcare. Dr. Tafur currently offers integrative medical services virtually and in association with DayTryp Psychedelic Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona. He also provides telemedicine services to individuals in Arizona and California.

A Table of Our Own

A Conference and Documentary for Black professionals working in the Sacred plant medicine space.

Oakland Hyphae

Oakland Hyphae, a pioneering entity that hosted the Psilocybin Cup and The Oakland Psychedelic Conference, positioning itself as the epicenter of impactful psychedelic events in 2021. Co-founding Hyphae Labs, Reggie leads the charge in psychedelic mushroom potency testing, contributing to the industry's advancement.

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