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Psychedelic Support

Are you seeking therapeutic support on your psychedelic journey? Are you a practitioner that wants to learn more or earn certifications for this new modality? Our comprehensive directory provides a valuable resource for both clients and practitioners to find reputable institutions to get started. We understand the importance of connecting with experienced and trustworthy professionals who can guide you through these transformative experiences. Check out our section on psychedelic research and learn about new exciting developments in the field!

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How to find Psychedelic Facilitators

Get connected with professional support including therapists, councilors, ministers, spiritual leaders/guides

Embarking on a journey of psychedelic therapy can be a transformative and healing experience. If you're seeking guidance and support in finding reputable psychedelic therapy, you've come to the right place. In this section, we provide valuable resources and insights to help you navigate the process of finding the right therapist or clinic for your needs.


Discover trustworthy directories, databases, and networks specifically designed to connect individuals with experienced and knowledgeable psychedelic therapists. We also offer guidance on how to educate yourself about psychedelic therapy, legal considerations, and the importance of safety and integration.

Whether you're exploring psilocybin-assisted therapy, MDMA-assisted therapy, or other psychedelics, our aim is to empower you with the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions on your therapeutic journey.

Psychedelic Support:
Client Resources
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The journey to find psychedelic therapy is akin to venturing into a mysterious and unexplored realm—a hidden oasis rumored to possess transformative healing properties. Imagine a dense jungle teeming with wild landscapes and potential challenges. Now, picture yourself standing at the precipice of this extraordinary journey. Would you choose to navigate this terrain alone, or would you enlist the guidance of a skilled navigator familiar with the intricacies of this mystical landscape?

At Friends of Psychedelics, we understand the significance of having a trusted guide by your side as you embark on your quest for healing. With the increasing interest in psychedelic therapy for mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, and depression, it is crucial to choose the right circumstances and companions for your mind-altering exploration.

Psychedelic Support

Offers a listing of therapy from a licensed provider, community groups and clinical trials

Healing Maps

A directory that has Ketamine Clinics, Ibogaine Centers, Psilosybin retreats, TMS Clinics, as well as some training resources.


They can help you get connected with a practitioner and also offer a bountiful wealth of information regarding psychedelics and safe use.

Psychedelic Alchemist

Krystina offers one-on-one support for psychedelic preparation and integration as well as guiding group journeys, both online and in-person.  Krystina also teaches workshops, and hosts community integration circles both online and at Entheo Society of Washington in Seattle.

Psychedelics Directory

Psychedelics Directory helps you find everyone who works with psychedelics. From established ketamine clinics that treat depression, to personal guides who can help you discover inner depths.

Church of the Sacred Plants

Our facilitators are seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the transformative potential of psilocybin experiences. They are committed to creating safe and nurturing environments for individuals like you, who are seeking profound insights and healing through this sacred sacrament.

Balanced Mental Wellness

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and integrative psychiatry. Based out of Denver, CO.


Ketamine can alleviate anxiety, provide pain relief, and serve as an antidepressant. Under medical guidance, smaller doses of ketamine can soothe the mind and allow for a temporary break from usual thought processes. When paired with psychotherapy, research indicates that Ketamine treatment can be effective in relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Focal Point

Services to help compare prices and find the plan that works for you. Popular services include: Ketamine/Spravato Intake & Scheduling Coordinator and Back-Office Support.

Unwind Oakland

Learn more about their Ketamine Assisted Therapeutic Massage (KATM).

Wholeness Center

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy based out of Colorado.

KRIYA Institute

KRIYA Institute is devoted to understanding the therapeutic properties of ketamine (and related medicines). We provide clinical services directly to patients; we give presentations about therapeutic ketamine in a variety of settings; we offer consultation services to physicians and therapists.

Soft Reboot Wellness

Fusing elements from traditional medicine and integrative therapy to create a comprehensive treatment plan personalized to your health and wellness goals. IV ketamine is used to facilitate inward exploration, catalyze transformation, and guide you to cultivate your inner healer within.

Feya Health

Offering a range of services such as Ketamine and Oxytocin Assisted Psychotherapy sessions, patients can delve into their past traumas and hang ups to get to the root of the problem and hopefully move past their issues.


A wide range of at home and in clinic options like IV infusions, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, sprovato, intensive outpatient programs and more.

Louisville Health and Healing

An outpatient office that offers counseling for a variety of concerns. They provide effective and efficient therapy to individuals, couples and families. Their focus is to create safety with our compassionate non-judgmental approach while building a trusting relationship. One service they offer is ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.


Low dose, ketamine at-home therapy, paired with telehealth consulting for mental health improvements.

Better U Care

Healing at home with psychedelic therapy.

Journey Clinical

Healing at home with psychedelic therapy.

Inner Well

At-home Ketamine therapy from licensed therapists.

Choose Your Horizon

Patient-centered oral ketamine assisted experiences for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress from the comfort of your home. Follow your progress of integrating the experiences with a health professionals, that can help adjust or individualize your plan.


Practitioners Certification Courses for guides + therapists

CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies & Research

Information on California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) psychedelic research and training program for psychedelic guides and therapists.

The Guiding Presence

An online masterclass to learn best practices of becoming a psychedelic guide.

UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics

BCSP’s Certificate Program in Psychedelic Facilitation provides interdisciplinary training for advanced professionals, with an emphasis on spiritual care.

Psychedelic Somatic Institute (PSI)

On a training mission dedicated to making high quality, legal psychedelic therapy available to all who seek it.

Journey Clinical

Expand your practice with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Healing Maps

Train to become a Certified Psychedelic Service Provider or augment your services through their partnership with Numinus.


Fluence is the leading continuing education organization in the emerging field of psychedelic therapy. Founded by clinicians with deep expertise in psychedelic research, they offer professional training and workshops for licensed mental health practitioners.

Skylight Psychedelics

A group of physicians with extensive psychedelic and psychiatric training who teach licensed therapists to provide ketamine-assisted therapy. We also prescribe sublingual and intranasal ketamine to eligible patients to be used in their trained therapists’ offices nationwide.


Recognizing the importance of facilitator training, Cybin has developed EMBARK, a leading-edge model of psychedelic facilitation. EMBARK was born out of a desire to provide psychedelic facilitators with the appropriate training to assist patients through psychedelic-based therapy in clinical trials. The program is based on established clinical practices and is designed to avoid the shortcomings of previous approaches to psychological support during psychedelic treatment sessions.

Myco Method

MYCO-METHOD is an intensive and comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective and responsible facilitators of interfaith psilocybin-assisted growth and healing. The program consists of several sections, each focusing on different aspects of psilocybin session facilitation, such as mystical tools and practices, pharmacology, psychological effects, therapeutic relationship, preparation, psilocybin sessions, integration, and ethics.

Church of the Sacred Plants

Our comprehensive training is designed for individuals who are passionate about guiding others through transformative psilocybin experiences. Here, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework needed to become a trusted and effective psilocybin facilitator.

Psychedelics Today

Explore a range of courses for practicing professionals and the psychedelic-curious. By becoming a Navigator, you'll gain access to a safe, vibrant community of over 1,000 psychedelic-aligned professionals and allies.

Integrative Psychiatry Insitute

Training mental health providers to resolve underlying causes of mental illness, so your clients/patients can go beyond symptom reduction and attain a state of wellness.


Psychedelic Medical-Related Support

Get connected with cutting edge, specialized psychedelic research and professionals.

Cluster Busters

Advocates for enhancing the lives of individuals battling cluster headaches, while also promoting research towards improved treatments and a potential cure.

End of Life Psychedelic Care

Trained professionals can help offer psychedelic support for end of life care to help make peace with the life and death process.


A Community Built to Understand Women’s Biology for Safe and Effective Psychedelic Use.

Woven Science

Supporting mission-adjacent companies in drug development, delivery and health technology investment, incubation, and acceleration.

Open Foundation

The OPEN Foundation has a mission towards integrating the benefits of psychedelics into science, healthcare, and society. OPEN also operates from a set of core values that act as guiding principles for decision making.

ATAI Life Sciences

Pioneering the development of highly effective mental health treatments that address the unmet needs of patients.

Psychedelic Science Review
Psychedelic Science Review provides an exclusively scientific perspective on psychedelics. We are not proponents or opponents of political or social change, nor do we offer moral commentary. While there is a place for those voices, our goal is to offer factual information on the basis of scientific relevance.

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